Chakra Incense Collection

This rainbow set of fragrant incense sticks represent each of the 7 Chakra of our energetic body. The box includes 7 sets of incense sticks representing each one of the 7 Chakra.

Captured in swirling scents and rainbow colors, each individual pack contains 5 incense sticks for:

  • Muladhara ROOT Chakra – earth
  • Swadisthana SACRAL SPLEEN Chakra – water
  • Manipura SOLAR PLEXUS Chakra – fire
  • Anahata HEART Chakra – air
  • Visuddha THROAT Chakra – sound
  • Ajna THIRD EYE Chakra – light
  • Sahasrara CROWN Chakra – thought

Hand blended and rolled in India according to ancient Ayurvedic tradition. All pure, natural ingredients including herbs, woods, gums and essential oils. Each set includes all 7 Chakra in beautifully wrapped packaging with coordinating image and colors representing these sacred energy centers. Total of 35 incense sticks.