B-Complex Liquid Supplement
B-Complex Liquid 3.9 fl oz
Hypo-Allergenic Dietary Supplement
Sourced and manufactured to avoid:†
-Artificial Additives
-Environmental Contaminants
-Added Excipients

B vitamins support energy production and overall cell health. Liquid B-Complex provides nutritional support in an easily absorbed form. All the different B Vitamins work together to support overall well-being.**B Vitamins work together to support nervous system health.**

B-Vitamins promote energy, metabolism and provide nourishment for the stress of daily living.**

B Vitamins include: B-1 (Thiamin), B-2(Riboflavin) , B-3 (Niacin), B-5 (Pantothenic Acid), B-6 (Pyrodoxine), B-7 (Biotin), B-9 (Folic Acid), and B-12 (Cobalamin).

Recommendations: As a dietary supplement, take 4 (1 ml) droppers daily, with or between meals.
Supplement Facts
Serving Size 4 1 ml dropperfuls
Servings per Container 29
Amount per Serving
thiamine HCl (B1) 3.5 mg
riboflavin 5’ phosphate 4 mg
(activated B2)
niacinamide (B3) 10 mg
pyridoxine HCl (B6) 4 mg
vitamin B12 500 mcg
(formulated with methylcobalamin)
pantothenic acid 10 mg
(calcium pantothenate) (B5)
Other Ingredients: purified water, natural vegetable glycerin, apple juice concentrate, strawberry juice concentrate, natural orange flavor, xanthan gum, citric acid, purified stevia extract, potassium sorbate
This product contains no hidden coatings, excipients, binders, fillers, shellacs, artificial colors or fragrance. Contains no dairy, wheat, yeast, gluten, corn, sugar, starch, soy or hydrogenated oils.