Function and Healing Tea

“Aroma-Thera Teas” are our creation of recipes used for centuries as the world’s oldest apothecary. Our loose leaf, organic herbal teas blend the freshest and most aromatic herbs together to create one of the easiest forms of herbal remedies for long term use. The herb’s powerful ingredients are either “infused” or “decocted” in water when made into teas.

Stop Smoking Tea – Reduces cravings for nicotine. Helps with balance and food cravings. Clears congestion, has a mild antiseptic and reduces swelling by helping to reduce blood flow. Mullein Leaf, Damiana, Lobelia, Coltsfoot Herb, Red Clover, Wild  Lettuce, Ginseng Leaf.

Allergy, Aphrodisiac, Arthritis, Brain, Breath of Life, Bright Eye, Calm, Cough & Cold, Diabetic, D-Tox, Digestive, Energy, Female Balance, Heart, Immune Builder, Male Balance, Sleepy, Slim, Stop Smoking

~These pharmaceutical health blends of nature’s most appropriate herbs are combined to make these teas just right! Our delightful teas are sold in 4 oz.bags.