Q: How fast is shipping?

A: All items are shipped immediately, with the high majority of them coming from the US. In special exceptions,  some items of higher quality, greater potency or a unique type that is a great fit for the site, we may ship from outside the US with shipping speeds that are as fast as possible, maintaining low rates for shipping. You can add tracking info on checkout.

Q: What types of quality control are there?

A: This is very important to you and to us, so we only offer items that are new, energetically cleansed, and in excellent condition. Every week, David Solomon personally blesses all items that are sent from the store so they arrive charged, purified and activated. If you would like additional energy work on your items, or would like your items excluded from this process, please contact us after placing your order. Your satisfaction guarantee ensures that if for any reason your item arrives damaged or incomplete, we can reship a replacement upon verification.

Q: How do I use my Real Magic supplies most effectively?

A: In this post on How to do Candle Magic, you can learn how to shape your intentions, infuse them into a candle, and increase the effectiveness of your spell, intention or Magical Working via the Law of Attraction. The process described in that post can be used for many other products as well. This FAQ, along with videos on our YouTube Channel, are regularly updated with free lessons for you.

Q: I would love to order something that you don’t have on your site. Will you add it in the future?

A: We are constantly expanding the selection of Magical items we offer, so check back soon! You can always contact us for a special order. Since it can take time to find the best item for you, there may be a small charge for research and preparation, and larger orders are always helpful :-)

Q: Do you offer private lessons in becoming a more powerful Magician?

A: Absolutely! You can contact us, or start with the high quality channeled video lessons of Wizard School (free preview available) which go into great detail on spiritual topics like souls, karma, manifestation, energy healing, protection, psychic abilities, and more. David also frequently shares free short videos on his Instagram.

Q: Do you offer quantity discounts?

A: We try to keep prices as low as possible; if a quantity discount is offered, it’s automatically shown on the item page for the quantity dropdown. If you would like to order more than 12 of one item, and/or order items on subscription (if not already offered as it should be for certain items), please contact us and include a link to each item, your desired quantity, address and any other important info.

Q: How quickly do you reply to special requests and product questions?

A: As fast as possible! We generally respond M-F between 9am-6pm PST and on as needed Saturdays, but like most organizations, we have access to email 24/7 and often check if anything is time sensitive. If this is the case for you [such as if you put in the wrong shipping address], please start off your message with the word URGENT and we will bump it to the front of the queue.

Q: I have an item I would love to offer to the world. Can you sell it for me?

A: Possibly! Please send us as much info you can, including how many you have and how quickly you can send new ones. Because we have a large and growing audience, we currently only review requests for items that can be made available at a quantity of at least 100 per month. This may change in the future (such as for handmade originals) but if you’re reading this, we aren’t there quite yet :-)

Q: How do I know which supplements I need?

A: Supplements, teas and other items you put inside or on the outside of your body [such as oils] are usually safe and effective for most people. Since we all differ nutritionally, genetically and environmentally, it’s best to consult your healer, doctor, or other healthcare providers to consider your unique circumstances. We trust that if you order an item you know your own body, so if these items are opened (or if by some chance we miss something and the printed date is expired, which has never happened since we opened) we cannot accept refunds in these cases. If you’re taking something for the first time, you may want to start with a small amount, wait 24 hours, and meditate on the results (15-60 minutes for teas and oils, 2-6 hours for supplements).

Incense and oils you smell, along with teas with a strong and delicious smell may be felt more quickly. Integration is an important component and especially with supplements, the effects can take time to build up in your body and be felt more strongly. This is even truer if you are treating a chronic condition since something that has existed for years doesn’t always change instantly. Combining meditation, prayer and powerful Magic with your item, of course, can magnify and speed this up - and at the highest levels can even cause an instant and positive change. Be patient, and make sure to order the quantity you need for the evolution you would like to see in yourself :-)