If you have the patience to learn this skill – the skill of creating your reality – then all the magic of the world is at your fingertips, flashy and subtle.

If you are not yet ready to dedicate and are just looking around curiously, please enjoy to your heart’s full intent.

Only love and light energies welcome here. Love and light to all others. 


There is a continuum between homo sapien, enlightened human, ascended master, avatar, demigod, and god.

Until we can prove we’re at a certain level, we may wish to be mindful of a partial expression, for awareness of alignment on all planes of reality, and all levels of truth.

The quest is to know this path and to walk it – in an integrated way. Intellectually as well as physically, for All is All.

I love you, Goddessling and Godling. We are one. (And androgynous at the soul level, but hey, let’s keep it simple)

Now let’s work on raising the bar on Real Magic!

Psychic stuff is great
Energy healing is great
There is power in groups
You join, you contribute
You join another, you contribute there
The choice is always yours
Let’s see
What we can do

Long-term goals based on Magic I have witnessed:

1. Collectively heal forests at accelerated rates

2. Collectively heal groups, individuals, and paradigms.

3. Project chi in the center of a circle and create a fireball, caught on camera. I’ve seen masters do this. If one 80-year-old who practiced for 50 years can do it… can 250 people, trained in the basics, working efficiently as Tim Ferris’s 80/20 strategies – can a small group do this, repeatedly? I bet we can.

4. Build and strengthen well documented psychic abilities like remote viewing, which have accurately predicted financial markets when aligned to and embodied with love

5. Fill in the blank of your favorite superpower  I have MANY lists like this, yet those are somewhat more private. Ask, and we shall see…<3

Thank you for presence, love, and support. If you want to help find, dissect, and teach the Most Efficient Strategies and Techniques for Real and Powerful Magic, please share your support in the energy of intention, the energy of sharing upcoming workshops, and if it feels aligned, the energy of transmutable material exchange at patreon.com/magicisreal.

Let’s heal our stuff about magic.
Let’s heal our stuff about money.
Let’s heal our stuff about health!

While the flashy stuff is cool, the most powerful magic is having a continuously joyful life.

This is basic-level enlightenment.

It’s your birthright, and it’s studied by many, trademarked by no one. I highly recommend Shinzen Young.

Yet. As a fellow student, I must request
Do you wish to learn together?
Or have a master.

The path I offer is one to become your own master.

I will never claim guru-ness, nor do I want it.


Time is accelerating. If you need a guru, you give up your own power.

The time is swiftly approaching, friend.

For the magic in you.

And the magic in all of us.

To stand tall, proud, and strong.

To stand transparent. To stand in the surprise of joyful delight.

To stand as the divine beings we are.

Together, as one.

I love you.

-David Solomon