Blue Moon Candle

~ Under the spell of a blue moon, this unique candle was created during the peak energy of the Blue Moon, (May 21st, 2016) therefore, it helps us to fully express ourselves through communication and clarity of expression. Use this rare candle and moon jewel pendant to open up, relay your inner thoughts and bring forth creativity. What are you yearning to express?

In celebration of this “elusive celestial event”, this magical tool has been created with fragrant layers of blue and white “moon ray wax” and layer upon layer of genuine blue agate crystals! Topped with a sparkle of “moon dust”!

~ This deep blue candle is richly scented with my own Angel’s Mist Essential Oils of Full Moon Jasmine, Romantic Rose Absolut and a touch of Moonflower! The candle is dressed in two-ply, white organza ribbon, accented with a heavy 1 inch Silver Crescent Moon! This charm makes a fantastic necklace/pendant when hung on a black cord or silver chain!

~ Measuring 3″ x 4″ inches tall, this candle is long lasting with a burn time of 60-80 hours.