Celestial Universe Candles

Candles of empowerment! These beautiful candles are a three in one gift! It is the celestial power of intention from these scented candles accompanied by a pewter symbol necklace! These colorful candles have wonderful labeling, symbolic information and a burn time of about 40 – 60 hours!  A 3-in-1 gift: you get the candle, a necklace and the lunar guidance!

These aromatherapy pillar candles measure 6″ inches tall x 1.5″ inches wide. They are palm wax, lead free, hand poured and made in the USA. Ideal for use in meditation, color therapy healing, empowering dreams, or understanding your sacred energies. Choose from:

Dragon Moon ~ The Moon of February and the Chinese New Year. This power candle is symbolic of the fire, endurance and spark of the dragon! Use for empowerment and motivation.

Moon Repose ~ The gentle yet powerful position of the moon, uses its subtle, Universal energies to help you to create and manifest your dreams. Use as a symbol of silent strength.

Celtic Moon ~ The Celts honored everything in nature and the moon was no different. A powerful symbol of the cycles of life, utilize this candle and both the rise of the new moon and burst of the full moon.

Crescent Rising ~ This candle is the force of intention growing to full fruition. It is this crescent that is found as a symbol of the sacred feminine and is used to ensure the growing desires and intention of those who wish upon it.

Howling Moon ~ The spell of the Lycan is that of the wolf. This transformational power is most prevalent at the full moon. This empowering candle is used to bring about the ability to shape shift your life into your greatest desires!

Midnight Celestial Dragon ~ The hour most powerful in manifesting intuition and dreams, this candle is enhanced with the force, positive thrust and push of the dragon. Symbolic of fire, power and sheer will to achieve goals.

Pentacle Moon ~ This symbol represents male/female, the elements of earth, fire, water, air and ether (spirit). It is a positive sign which represents the material realm, health, money, work ,security and coins. Use to manifest all these at the full moon.

Star Fairy ~ This is the Celtic connection to the powers of earth and nature and the Universal realm of the stars and the sky. This candle can be used to promote the power of everyday magic, unseen helpers and lighting our way in the dark!

Universe ~ This candle is a reminder how stating an intention and setting forth is the most powerful “prayer” or affirmation we can do. All you have to do is “speak it so”. Use this candle to create, set and seal your greatest wish and intentions!

Venus Rising ~ As in history, as it is in the Universe, Venus, the Goddess of Love has a close relationship with Luna, or the power of the moon. It is man’s Moon in conjunction with woman’s Venus. It is Venus’s love for her son/lover, the moon.

Windblown ~ Follow the drift of the moon with this enchanting candle that lends itself to the free flow, independence and freedom of the wind, as it blows the stars around!