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Ojai’s Verdant Valley Incense Cones

Ojai, California is a vibrant place with so much natural beauty that it gained fame decades ago when the area was photographed to represent Shangri-La in the 1939 movie, The Lost Horizon. Nestled in the Ojai Valley, the town is surrounded by peaks that give off a glow in the evening light known as “the pink moment”.

Since Ojai is lined up with an east-west mountain range, it is one of few towns in the world to have a “Pink Moment“. This magic moment occurs as the sun is setting, when the fading sunlight creates awash of brilliant shades of pink, lavender, peach and purples for several minutes over the Topatopa Bluffs at the east end of the Ojai Valley. Once you tour the mountains to the Secret Garden and see the Chumash Indian’s sacred places, you could understand why Ojai offers special meaning to all who come time and again.

Driving through this quiet little village, I was introduced to the tall lemon-eucalyptus trees, the weeping pepper trees and fragrant sage and lavender bushes. Ojai is literally dripping with orange groves! The sweet scent of citrus fills the air as you drive through the verdant valley of rolling hills.

~O~ I have done everything in my power to capture these amazing scents by creating a base resin from orange peels and introducing lemon-eucalyptus, pink speckled fairy fan (Clarkia cylindrica) and a pinch of lavender.

~O~ 20 vibrant incense cones