In Remembrance Resin Incense

“In Remembrance Incense”

Someone you know has died… a loved one, a pet, or dear friend and you want to honor them, but are unsure what to do. You may want to do something private, not drawing a lot of attention to the act, but you are unclear as to what that should be. You may want to consider these wonderful incense!

Herbs have been traditionally used to honor and assist in the crossing over of a living being. They can be used as incense at the funeral, as well as sprinkling or “salting” the grave site. They can be burned at the home of the person who has passed or used as potpourri. They can be sprinkled in a bonefire or worn as a sachet in honor of the dead.

This very special blend was designed just for this transitional time! These incredible incense start with a base of resin granules. We then add a mixture of herbs and essential oils. Resin incense are a pure form of incense since it is not diluted by a burning base or fixatives typical in man-made stick or cone incense.

My very special blend of “In Remembrance” Incense include:

Cypress – Endings and karmic cycle renewal
Frankincense – Purification and spiritual transformation
Holly – Renewal and resurrection
Ivy – Rebirth and celebration
Roses – Love, purification and protection
Rosemary – Symbol of remembrance and for renewal of the soul
Willow – Releases and cleansing

These resin incense come in a 2 oz organza bag with complete instructions and 2 FREE charcoal discs in order to prepare and use your incense the minute you get them!