Magic is Real by David Solomon

Magic is Real: How to Create Reality, Manifest Miracles and Make Spirituality Fun Again!

By: David Solomon




You are a powerful Magician. You manifested this book to help remind you Who You Are, and everything you can do. Real Magic can be performed to create your reality and achieve your dreams as you make progress on your spiritual awakening, and learn the answer to “What is enlightenment?”

Dr Strange, David Blaine and The Sacred Riana all represent the legitimate, accessible truths of metaphysics and manifestation. As the Marvel Cinematic Universe is teaching us, science and Magic are one and the same. The Quantum Realm can help you see the truth behind the multiverse: you are Awareness itself, and can shift into infinite realities.

As Arthur C Clarke said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from Magic.” 

Learn the advanced technology of Applied Consciousness that is behind manifesting miracles from David Solomon, an accomplished Magician who has experienced over 222 Siddhis, synchronicities, miracles, materializations, and psychic abilities.

This book contains everything you will need to awaken your psychic abilities, become supernatural, and Make Spirituality Fun Again! It will remind you of your true Divine nature, infinite possibilities, and the richness of unconditional love. You can learn to channel, understand the secrets behind telekinesis and levitation, and tell the difference between fantasy and reality by understanding how to create reality around you, and program it.

The 9-dimensional model of Open Sourced Magical Science helps draw clear distinctions between the subconscious, placebo effect, astral plane, causal / karmic plane, blessings, divine beings, and perceptions of nonduality or Unity consciousness. This map can help you explain paradoxes and the odd experience of how Magic can exist for some people (but not others) in the same world.

The first of seven books, Magic is Real is a Mystery School, also available with an enhanced soundtrack and Epic Wizard Voice, available with Whispersync when you get the book on Audible.

It's time to start learning Real Magic, access the power of your higher self, awaken your divine intuition, unlock your true potential, utilize your supernatural gifts, and discover your destiny. Go forth and remake your life as you’ve always wanted it to be.

Chapter One Preview