Rose Bud Incense

Organic Rose Buds: The Angelic Flowers

Sometimes we really need to know that angels are there and care. Angels may touch us with a gift, such as the scent of flowers. You may be alone and suddenly you will smell beautiful flowers where there could not possibly be any and you will know that it is the angels reaching out to you.

The unexplained scent of flowers is probably the most frequent sign the angels give to us. These organic rose buds are the angelic potpourri flower that is right for you!

Beautifully fragrant, these precious red buds are packaged in a 1 ounce bag and comes with 2 charcoal bricks for burning as incense.

The flower buds are accompanied with a mini-pink or red organza sachet bag to add your potpourri flowers to. Use in closets and drawers to scent their contents. Wear on your body to increase your personal connection to your angels. Give as a gift of empowerment.

~ Red Rose Buds (Rosa, Rosaceae) : considered the Mother of All Flowers, roses have a special place in healing the heart. Use for love, trust and self-acceptance.