Wizard School

How to learn Real Magic and develop mystical abilities on your path of spiritual awakening

Magic is the art of Applied Consciousness, using time-tested, research verified techniques to affect reality with your mind.

This down-to-earth practical course explains how Magic works and gives you specific exercises and techniques to use Real Magic to change your life and bring you more joy.

Magic is a neutral practice like chess or writing. It is as old as civilization and practiced in various forms, using various words, by all religions and spiritual philosophies.

You will learn:

  • How to heal emotional traumas
  • What your Soul is and how to read past lives
  • How to develop psychic abilities
  • Manifestation using several methods including a more complete Law of Attraction
  • How to heal and unlock the mystical abilities of your Chakras
  • What Enlightenment is, and how you are always on the continuum
  • And much more

You will get:

  • Over 250 hours of video content
  • Weekly emails with free lessons
  • Discounts on crystal, candles, incense and teas that may help you on your journey

This course is for you if:

  • You want to learn Magic that is effective and straightforward
  • You want more powerful ways of building your dream life
  • You want more support, physical and beyond-physical, on your spiritual journey (spirit guides, divine beings, guardian angels)
Disclaimer: This is a course of light Magic only. It does not teach anything related to harm, demons, control over others, or fear except in overcoming those topics. Any student interested in learning how to employ the above dark methods is hereby stripped of all power and bound from Magical effectiveness until they embrace total, unconditional Divine love. This is for everyone's protection and much needed as mystery schools such as this become more popular.